Strategy, Education, Documentation & IT (SEDI)

The members of the Department of Strategy, Education, Documentation, and IT (SEDI) collective carry out activities in the following areas:

  • Research in the field of IT with applications in the medical domain.
  • Implementation of managerial control standards.
  • Maintenance and updating of the website
  • Proper functioning of the computing equipment in the institute.
  • Optimal management of the book and periodical fund.

Objectives of the SEDI collective:

  • Monitoring the achievement of scientific objectives for research projects.
  • Coordinating activities to promote personnel with higher education in scientific positions within the institute.
  • Compiling scientific and administrative synthesis works regarding the institute’s activities.
  • Coordinating activities for implementing managerial control standards within the institute.
  • Coordinating secretariat activities for the doctoral school in the field of Medicine within the institute.
  • Managing scientific research projects and preparing scientific and technical reports.
  • Overseeing IT activities within the institute (equipment maintenance and internet network administration, management of the website).
  • Coordinating activities at the institute’s scientific library.
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