Proteomics Lab

The Proteomic Labs offer the capabilities to conduct numerous assays. These include utilizing flow cytometry to categorize cell populations based on their expression of biomarkers, apoptosis, and cell cycle status. The lab also conducts cell sorting assays and employs immunoenzymatic techniques such as ELISA, xMAP technology, and Western blot to detect and measure a variety of biomarkers in sera, cell lysates, and cell culture media. Additionally, the lab is able to quantify analyte-secreting cells using the ELISpot method.

MoFlo Astrios Cell Sorter equipped with 5 lasers and 18 parameters – Beckman Coulter

FACSCanto II, 8-color Clinical Flow Cytometry System – Becton, Dickinson

Bio-Plex 200 System based on xMAP tehnology – Bio Rad

Mini-PROTEAN vertical gel electrophoresis with transfer systems – Bio Rad

TriStar LB 942 Multimode Microplate Reader for absorbance,  fluorescence, luminescence readings – Berthold

Two color enzymatic EliSpot Reader – Mabtech

MicroChemi 4.2 for chemiluminescence application – Bio-Imaging Systems

ELISA semiautomated line with HumaReader HS  microtiter plate reader and Combiwash workstation – Human Diagnostics