“Benefits of automated parallel electrophoresis: Agilent Fragment Analyzer” workshop

Agilrom Scientific together with the Institute of Virology invites you to the workshop: “Benefits of automated parallel electrophoresis with the Agilent 5200 Fragment Analyzer”.

In this workshop we will present an automated solution for the separation of DNA and RNA fragments using the Agilent Fragment Analyzer series 5200. The Agilent Fragment Analyzer series 5200 instrument is an electrophoresis system that allows the electrophoretic separation of several samples in parallel in a short time . Classical electrophoresis uses agarose gels that mostly involve a lot of manual work and do not provide information about the quality of the analyzed fragments. The presented equipment will improve the efficiency of the laboratory by the fact that it does not occupy a large space in the laboratory, but especially by reducing the working time required for the analysis and the consumption of laboratory resources.

Additionally, analyzers of this type can switch between two different gel matrices, so two types of samples can be run. Analysis software generates digital data for quick and easy visual analysis of DNA and RNA size, concentration and quality.

In this workshop, real samples from the molecular virology laboratory will be analyzed. Sample analysis possibilities from gDNA, NGS libraries and DNA fragments to total RNA will be presented, all on one platform!

To participate, we invite you to fill out the registration form until March 7, 2023.

Workshop topics:

  1. Automatic electrophoresis systems for DNA and RNA analysis
  2. Sample preparation and real-time qualitative determination of viral RNA (molecular biology laboratory samples)
  3. Analysis and interpretation of results obtained with Agilent “Pro Size” software
  4. New solutions for microarray and NGS analysis

To whom we address: biologists, biochemists, researchers, heads of laboratories, research team coordinators.

Speakers: Samina Kaufmann, Genomics Product Specialist, Agilent Technologies

Dr. Martin Judex, Central and Eastern Europe Genomics Channel Partner Manager, Agilent Technologies