CPLAN – IVN bilateral meeting 

  • CrisisHub is an important tool for which IVN has focused significant efforts. This tool collects, orders, analyzes and issues lists of actions and decisions that it recommends to decision makers in the management of a pandemic / epidemic. To this end, IVN experienced the simulation of a pandemic according to the scenario in the IVN-Ro trial.
  • On 7th of June IVN-Ro has a bilateral meeting with CPLAN on how crisis management tools can be used in a trial, with accent on creating plans / response planning prior to a crisis, making checklists and situation reports, decision making agenda’s or (re-)allocation of resources.

So, in the discussions IVN-Ro team, involved in Romanian trial development, wanted to clarify some aspects, as follows:

-what the communication systems are and how automatic alerts can be generated;

-if can be created an automatic alert system, monitored by authorities, generated directly by the population by communicating an incident to a telephone number and thus activating a threshold;

-why is the integration of an early warning system based on field information and the identification of fake news not a mandatory condition;

-if the automatic alerts can be implemented based on the Romanian system Ro-Alert for transmitting messages to the population in a danger zone or situation. In Ro-Alert all the messages are transmitted and repeated on all mobile phones without a special application on them, located in a telecommunication cell in the selected geographical area;

-what are the optimal ways to allocate resources and how and who can link the strategic level and the operational level;

if there are some predefined roles for end user of a personal action list in which can be found particular tasks;

what legislative basis resources planning can be done at national and international level;

-if there is a connection between efficient data collection and other tools;

-if there is a possibility to locate the existing resources on a map and track their mobility;

-if there is a possibility to differentiate between contagious and non-contagious which seems to be a very useful requirement when there are events/crisis which involves a situation with a contagious agent and a situation which does not involve a contagious agent;

-implementation of the best practices seems to be a very important requirement for the successful implementation of the crisis management tools.

The organizers (CPLAN) provided detailed answers to the questions asked by the Romanian participants (IVN).