Emergent viral infections with pandemic potential 

(Viroze emergente cu potential pandemic)

Workshop, Romania, Bucharest, UMF Carol Davila, 15.03.2022

In the last years, many viral infections had emerged. Because of that we must be prepared.

The workshop tries to analyze and estimate which kind of viruses may be threatening and turn into pandemics.

In the first place we have the influenza viruses, which have a known potential of becoming pandemic. But as we experienced lately, in the last years, the coronaviruses have pandemic potential.

The objectives of this workshop are the influenza and coronaviruses.

We focused on avian influenza viruses and SARS-CoV2-coronavirus. We discussed the former pandemics, the measures that had been taken, the results, the outcomes. 

In the opening of the workshop the organisers highlighted the experience of the former pandemics, they discussed all the events that had taken place in the former pandemics, as well as the outcomes.

In the discussion the organisers wanted to draw attention to the potential of the viruses to mutate and become dangerous.

They discussed the features thar poses threats and they also tried to  draw measures that may keep as safe from such dangers.

In the end, the organisers made a table with all the questions from participants and gathers e-mails in order to answer all the questions.