Modernization of a center for the study of oncogenesis and the use of viral oncolysis as a therapeutic strategy

Acronym: ONCOIVN
Principal Investigator Gabriela Anton, PhD.

(2012-2015) – Principal Investigator Gabriela Anton, PhD.

Aim: The development to international standards of a regional reference center in the field of oncogenesis and the use of viral oncolysis as a new therapeutic strategy.

Partners: Coordinator: „Stefan S. Nicolau” Institute of Virology – project director Gabriela Anton, PhD

Working team: Anton G, Diaconu C, Brasoveanu L, Ruta S, Nebunu G.

Funding: 6.806.873 RON

Project: POS CCE – A2-O2.2.1 – 2009-4/1167

Implementation period: 21.12.2012 –21.05.2015

Summary: design/execution of fitting out/modernization/rehabilitation works for already existing laboratories, in order to ensure an optimal environment for the proper functioning of research; Research&Development equipment acquisition activities; project advertising and promotion activities; staff training activities for the use of purchased R&D equipment

Results: Arrangement / modernization / rehabilitation of existing laboratories; equipping with “state of the art” R&D equipment; Development of the ONCOVIR Research Center of Excellence, which includes modernized or newly created laboratories within the current structures.