IVN – TRIAL team support, videoconference

In a bilateral videoconference IVN presented to the support team development stage of the Romanian TRIAL. Basis of the discussions were the materials prepared and sent by IVN to the support team, later posted in SharePoint (Romanian Trial). Topics covered: preliminary timeline, hypotheses for the scenario, actions in the scenario, objectives, gap and solution.

IVN team imagined a scenario that takes place in Calarasi County, where there is an infection with an unknown virus, with high infectiousness, doubled by a medium intensity earthquake that occurs a few days after the outbreak. The local forces activate the state of emergency and the forces they have are outnumbered. Support must be found in neighboring counties and STAMINA tools must be used to organize communication and intervention for disaster management.

The goal is to find an optimal solution to react in case of disaster with two important overlapping events (epidemic and earthquake) with a limited number of forces and highlighting the contribution of STAMINA instruments during the intervention.

For TRIAL (in table-top exercise format) IVN develops a scenario with three hypothesis / variants:

I – scenario developed in the conditions of legacy and existing resources;

II – scenario developed in the conditions of first hypothesis with the support of a candidate solution named Regional Reserve Force for human and logistic resources (a structure that have to ensure a prompt and effective response in case of simultaneous occurrence of several dangerous / emergency situations; acronym: FRR);

III- scenario developed in the conditions of the second hypothesis, using tools developed in the STAMINA project.

For the trial will be selected the scenario from hypothesis I or II, as the basis of comparison and hypothesis III as working scenario.

For each hypothesis were identified the actions needed by days and hours.

We presume that in this scenario will be involved:

Intervention forces and authorities:

-Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD)

-County ambulance service (SAJ)


-Local and regional hospitals.

            -Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI)

            -Department for Emergency Situations (DSU)

            -Inspectorate for Emergency Situations in Calarasi (ISU)

            -Public Health Directorate (DSP) in Calarasi

            -National Institute for Public Health (INSP).

End users: DSU and INSP

First responder: Romanian Red Cross

Other targeted partners:

-General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU)

-Ministry of National Defense (MApN)

            -General Inspectorate of Aviation (IGAV)

-Romanian Ministry of Health (MS)

-City Halls, under whose subordination are the hospitals involved in receiving patients