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ADRIANA PLESA is scientific researcher II at Molecular Virology Department.

Expertise area includes animal cell culture, genetic engineering, genotyping, immuno-enzymatic techniques, gene sequencing, PCR, PCR-RFLP, SSCP, RT-PCR, Quantitave Real Time-PCR, gene transfection.

Research interests:

(1) Studies of the viral genes transfer in pro/eukaryotic cells

(2) Gene cloning technology applied to obtain early papillomavirus antigens used in early diagnosis of genital cancers;

(3) High risk human papillomaviruses distribution in Romanian women and molecular variants of human papillomavirus genes associated with cervical neoplasia

(4) Molecular biology techniques for the identification of immunological and enzymatic markers as predictors of post-therapeutic evolution and prognosis in differentiated carcinoma management.

Additional research interests: Involvement of epigenetic mechanisms in different types of cancer