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CORALIA BLEOTU is senior researcher I and head of Cellular and Molecular Pathology Department.

Expertise area includes host-microbe interaction, tumor cell biology (signal transduction, epigenetic mechanisms, targeted anti-tumor and immunotherapy).

Research interests: (1) Highlighting communication pathways between eukaryotic host cell, bacterial cell and virus; (2) in vitro and in vivo investigation of new probiotic, prebiotic, plant extracts with anti-bacterial and anti-viral action; (3) study of the interaction between eukaryotic cells and various types of nanoparticles and microspheres made from biodegradable natural polymers loaded with various drugs, in order to obtain stabilized systems of active principles with anti-microbial and anti-tumor activity and of their controlled release systems; (4) the study of molecular mechanisms involved in virus induced malignant transformation; Identification of new predictive biomarkers for diagnosis and management of aero-digestive and neural cancers; (5) in vitro and in vivo testing of new compounds as possible therapeutically agents.

Additional research interests are: the study of stem cell biology (isolation of stem cells from different sources, phenotyping, gene expression and protein analysis) and therapy (effects of autologous transplant, alternative for therapeutically cell delivery in wound healing, etc)