Pan-European Response to the Impacts of COVID-19 and Future Pandemics and Epidemics

EU-Horizon 2020 101016233 H2020-SC1-PHE-CORONAVIRUS-2020-2-RTD (2020 – 2023)


The primary objective of this initiative is to uncover the real impact of the pandemic by providing a wealth of data and statistical information, promoting evidence-based effective solutions and offer policy recommendations for preparing Europe to address future large-scale epidemic outbreaks.

The specific objectives of PERISCOPE are:

– to gather data on the broad impacts of COVID-19 in order to develop a comprehensive, user-friendly, openly accessible COVID Atlas, which should become a reference tool for researchers and policymakers, and a dynamic source of information to disseminate to the general public;

– to perform innovative statistical analysis on the collected data, with the help of various methods including machine learning tools;

– to identify successful practices and approaches adopted at the local level, which could be scaled up at the pan-European level for better containment of the pandemic and its – related socio-economic impacts; and

– to develop guidance for policymakers at all levels of government, in order to enhance Europe’s preparedness for future similar events and proposed reforms in the multi-level governance of health.