Acțiunea: A 1.1.4 Atragerea de personal cu competențe avansate din străinătate pentru consolidarea capacității de CD
Denumire Proiect: Stabilirea Profilului Molecular al Neoplasmelor Mieloproliferative și al Leucemiei Acute Mieloide pentru Designul unor Strategii de Diagnostic Precoce, Prognostic și Tratament (MYELOAL – EDIAPROT)
ID / Cod My SMIS: P 37_798/106774
Nr. Contract: 149/26.10.2016



Proposals for new projects or integrations into existing networks:

Scientific publications:

Current Issues in Molecular Biology 2023, 45, 1655-1680. Aspects of Hypoxic Stress Effects in Chronic Ethanol Exposure of Neuronal Cells. Stoica S.I., Onose G., Pitica I.M., Neagu A.I., Ion G., Matei L., Dragu L.D., Radu L.-E., Chivu-Economescu M., Necula L.G., Anghelescu A., Diaconu C.C., Munteanu C., Bleotu C.

Scientific public-private co-publications:

Frontiers in Oncology, 29 September 2023, 13. Leukemic conversion involving RAS mutations of type 1 CALR-mutated primary myelofibrosis in a patient treated for HCV cirrhosis: a case report. Gurban P, Mambet C, Botezatu A, Necula LG, Neagu AI, Matei L, Pitica IM, Nedeianu S, Chivu-Economescu M, Bleotu C, Ataman M, Mocanu G, Saguna C, Pavel AG, Stambouli D, Sepulchre E, Anton G, Diaconu CC, Constantinescu SN


A100346 / 30.06.2023 – Method for assessing the efficiency of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) xenotransplant in a murine animal model.

A100572 / 17.10.2023 – Method for evaluating the specific and selective inhibitory potential for a defined molecular target

A100597 / 23.10.2023 – Test for the targeted detection of methylation in myeloproliferative neoplasms