TRIAL IVN_Ro – Tools to test – A

Data Management and Harmonization Tool (DMHT). Provides storage of user data, being available for other tools. IVN transmitted to the tool owner the data set for the simulation of a pandemic in Calarasi county, taking into account the total population of the county as well as the evolution of the epidemic in 7 localities of the county. The total number of suspects, intubated and deceased is assessed.

The Information Protection Tool(IPT) works in tandem with DMHT and ensures data security and authorized access to it.

Flu and Coronavirus Simulator (FACS). It allows the elaboration of pandemic models. For this purpose, IVN provided the tool owner with the necessary information.

Web and Social Media Analytics (WSMA). It is a tool for querying social networks (Reddit and Twitter) to identify signs of pandemic / epidemic specific symptoms.

SmarKo device. In IVN-Ro trial this device will monitor the temperature, oxygen saturation and pulse of the wearer. To test the device, IVN designed a simulation methodology. For our trial tool owner developed a emulator wich allows to simulate

Early Warning System (EWS). For this tool IVN has developed and transmits to the tool owner the data set for training the Machine Learning module and the rules by which EWS transmits alert and alarm messages based on information from SmarKo, WSMA and FACS. 

CrisisHub is an important tool for which IVN has focused significant efforts. This tool collects, orders, analyzes and issues lists of actions and decisions that it recommends to decision makers in the management of a pandemic / epidemic. To this end, IVN experienced the simulation of a pandemic according to the scenario in the IVN-Ro trial.

ENGAGE. This tool has allowed the IVN team to offer the STAMINA platform several profiles of hospitals / infectious disease wards in Calarasi county. Data were provided on the number of beds, senior and average medical staff, as well as a number of resources available to the hospital / ward. All this information are publicly available.

CHARM. Based on information from ENGAGE, the CHARM tool provides simulations for redistributing resources between different hospitals. The IVN team is working on simulating the redistribution of resources between the hospitals of Calarasi County.

Emergency Mapping Tool (EMT). It is an important tool being tested by the IVN team. This tool provides decision makers and authorized people with a unified and extensive picture of the essential and detailed information from the other tools. On this basis, IVN considers that the EMT tool is important in the objective substantiation of the decisions taken by the responsible factors in the field of pandemic / epidemic management.

Preparedness Pandemic Trainng (PPT). For staff training, both at the level of first responders and at the level of national planners, IVN selected the PPT tool for testing. It allows the generation of various scenarios and activities in a pandemic and the establishment of optimal situations that are retained and eventually applied when in reality the danger of developing a pandemic will appear. IVN is testing this tool in terms of organizational and public health resources in Calarasi County.