Cell culture Lab

The cell culture laboratories offer the capabilities to conduct a wide range of experiments, including isolating cells from blood and tissues, establishing and characterizing primary cell cultures and cancer stem cells, immortalizing cells, and maintaining 2D and 3D cell cultures, cell lines, and biobanking. They can also conduct virus isolation and identification assays, as well as real-time monitoring of cellular processes such as cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, adhesion, viability, invasion, and migration. The labs can perform transfections and gene silencing using siRNA or shRNA, and retroviral vector transductions. Additionally, they conduct in vitro testing of anti-tumoral and virucidal activity using high throughput (HTS) evaluation.

Incucyte S1 Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis – Essen Bioscience – Sartorius

Inverted Microscope for Cell Culture for transmitted-light brightfield, phase contrast and camera DMi1 – Leica

Microscope Axio Observer.D1 for transmitted-light brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence – Zeiss

Allegra X-12R, Benchtop Centrifuge, Refrigerated – Beckman Coulter

Low (-300C) and ultralow (-800C) freezers

xCELLigence RTCA DP Instrument

Laser Microdissection Systems LMD7000 – Leica

Water-jacked incubators Series 8000 – Thermo Scientific

Laminar flow cabinets – Class II 

MiliQ water system