Molecular Biology Lab

The molecular biology laboratories offers the capabilities to conduct a comprehensive range of assays required for genomic and transcriptomic analyses, including the extraction and purification of nucleic acids, PCR and qPCR, genotyping, polymorphism identification, sequencing, next-generation sequencing (NGS), as well as Southern and Northern blot hybridization. In addition, the labs can perform epigenetic investigations such as methylation and microRNA analyses, as well as detect, genotype, and quantify viruses.

MiSeq Sequencing System – Illumina

Chemagic 360-D Nucleic Acid Extractor – Perkin Elmer

Bioruptor Pico sonication device – Diagenode

GeneXpert Molecular Diagnostic Testing System – Cepheid

ABI PRISM® 3100 Genetic Analyzer -Applied Biosystems

QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System – Bio Rad

CFX96 Real Time PCR System – Bio Rad

StepOne Real-Time PCR System – Applied Biosystems