Center of Immunology

The members of the Center for Immunology are engaged in activities in the following areas:

  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in human pathology, predominantly in oncology.
  • Screening and modulation of the expression of markers associated with biological processes.
  • In vitro studies on immunotherapeutic approaches in cancer.
  • In vitro studies on the biological effects induced by nanoparticles containing drugs/natural compounds.
  • Prevention/chemoprevention/multi-drug resistance.
  • Immunological diagnosis and studies on immune status.
  • Training in immunology techniques, immunochemistry, cell cultures, flow cytometry.
  • Providing scientific and technological services.

Objectives of the Center for Immunology:

  • Enhancing knowledge in the field of fundamental and advanced scientific research excellence in immunology through conducting studies and research in the specific field of activity.
  • Increasing the visibility of the Center for Immunology both nationally and internationally by exploiting the results of scientific research activities.
  • Maintaining and improving the Integrated Management System implemented within the Center for Immunology by monitoring the achievement of the Center’s annual activity plan.
  • Increasing the Center for Immunology’s capacity to provide consultancy/professional training in the field of immunology.
  • Improving the quality of research conducted by the Center for Immunology through research programs in partnership, collaborations with medical institutions, and university research centers, and attracting new sources of funding.
  • Enhancing the level of training/competence of the members of the Center for Immunology through participation in various courses/specializations.
Coordinator of the Center of Immunology with research interests as follows: tumor immunology, cancer cellular
Research interests: oncology, cellular immunology, tumor immunology, immunotherapy; protein/gene profile associated with cell adhesion and
Research interests: autoimmunity, immunotherapy, tumor biology, tumor immunology, biomaterials with potential applications in regenerative medicine.
is IVN’s Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) (PIC: 986262439). Research interests: immunotherapy, tumor biology; tumor
Areas of research: immunochemistry, cellular and tumoral immunology, molecular biology, tumor markers, tumor progression, immunotherapy.
Stoica S.I., Onose G., Pitica I.M., Neagu A.I., Ion G., Matei L., Dragu L.D., Radu L.-E., Chivu-Economescu M., Necula L.G. Molecular Aspects of Hypoxic Stress Effects in Chronic Ethanol Exposure of Neuronal Cells. Current Issues in Molecular Biology 2023, 45, 1655-1680.